• Non-Profit

    Discover how corporate sponsorships can elevate your organisation. Every non-profit Board should include a sponsorship strategist in its skill mix. There’s a big difference between sponsorship and fundraising.

  • Events

    Sponsorship is a crucial revenue lever of an event – it makes a great event stand tall. We work with new or existing events to make sure you leverage your event to realise optimal financial value for your rights.

  • Cultural

    We work with large-scale festivals, exhibits and shows to understand potential and maximise exposure and financial returns. Here, we draw on our experience across ticketing, events, licensing, membership, PR and community engagement.

  • Sport

    We work with international, national and state bodies as well as athletes, teams and clubs to uncover new commercial opportunity and increase brand exposure.

  • Corporate

    We work with corporate clients, across all industries, to identify sponsorship opportunities and negotiate with rights holders. We can also provide additional resources to upskill your sponsorship team.

  • Naming Rights

    We work with venues, organisations, clubs and events to identify and determine the right partnership for you and your potential naming right sponsor, and structure the agreement so that each party benefits. That’s the making of a strong relationship.



  • What have you got to sell?
  • Sponsor Research
  • Sponsorship Objectives



  • Working with Brand Ambassadors has assisted us build a professional and compelling sponsorship proposition to take to market. With his help we are better prepared to articulate the real value of supporting a surf life saving organisation.

    Dennis DiBartolo, Junior Activities Chairperson, Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Club

    9 August 2017 |

  • Brand Ambassadors have added significant value to Southport SLSC’s sponsorship strategy, in a number of ways. Most notably in providing a clear definition of the club’s assets to present to potential sponsors with distinct sponsorship packages, and a correlated value to the club such that both parties are aligned appropriately, and highlighting untapped revenue streams locked within the club.

    Also, the education of the management committee, and then the members, about the process and that assets are not to be ‘sold’ individually, like for a new boat or sign or vehicle, but rather within the afore mentioned packages has transformed their expectations, as well as the very discussion regarding sponsors and their role within the club.

    Further, sponsors expectations have changed over the years such that they need to be able to demonstrate to their stakeholders value for their ‘investment’. The combination of the Capability Statement and the clearly defined Sponsorship Packages presents a very professional approach by the club to them, and gives them confidence in their decision and their association.

    Bill Gordon-Thomson, President Southport Surf Life Saving Club

    9 August 2017 |

  • Brand Ambassadors has a great track record and experience in the PNG market, when it comes to sales and marketing campaigns, sponsorship strategy or how to position a brand in market, they deliver positive outcomes.

    Phil Franklin, President Australia PNG Association

    11 June 2017 | Customer

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